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How We Can Help

Venjix is our tool of choice as digital marketers.

We organize people and processes into strategies that can solve your problems. Whether you’re losing money on PPC traffic that won’t convert or not generating enough leads, we can help. Here are a few of the real issues we can help you to solve

1. Lead Generation

Our UK-based team acts as the onsite sales team you never had – delivering 30-50% more leads from existing traffic levels.

2. PPC

You’re spending all of that money on PPC but it isn’t translating into on-site conversions. The reason why? Your website is leaking valuable prospects. Plug the gaps with a targeted engagement strategy based on the advert that is clicked. Make your money go further with conversations that convert.

3. Customer Experience

Marketing no longer ends when the customer gets to the site. You’ve made a promise, now you need to keep it – and live chat ensures the customer enjoys a better experience both before, during and after the sale.

4. Personalisation

Your customers want a personalised experience. We put people into personalisation. To do that you need data, and great quality people. Combining smart interactions based on what a user is doing with real people means you can deliver true personalisation to every visitor.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not about mass broadcast any more. Dynamic personalisation and optimisation is everything, as marketers try to deliver greater relevance to drive better results. Venjix builds the bridge between email programs and the brand, by enhancing the ‘click-through’ experience with real, human conversation.

6. Basket Abandonment

Every day thousands of carts are abandoned, and thousands of would-be customers leave disappointed. We can change that by identifying the behaviors of genuinely interested visitors and engaging them before they give up.

7. Form Completion

To get more leads you need fewer fields. To get quality leads you need more of them. That’s the Catch-22 of form completion. There is a trust barrier to leads handing over the information you need. We break down these barriers to generate a high quantity of quality leads.

8. Lead Gualification

By understanding what makes a good lead for you, we can craft conversations that uncover your key qualifiers. Your sales team can continue an existing relationship that means you’re a step ahead when you pick up the phone.

9. Engagement

Building a brand relationship requires engagement on an emotional level – but static copy on a web page only goes so far. By delivering quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour and needs , we make a better, more personal connection with people.