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IT Services

Venjix IT Services


You can make an outstanding and a rewarding change to your business or whatever you currently do, if you acquired a website designed, developed and maintained by Venjix Ltd. We will earn your trust and satisfaction, and build a formidable relationship based on our offered high quality Web services. We do; Website designing, developing and maintaining, graphic designing, web hosting, internet/Affiliate marketing, SEO, PHP, MySOL, Website content management, Search engine optimization, Increase website performance and related services. With our website services you definitely; increase your market share and sales, expand your business clientele through easy promotions and marketing, reduce communication and publishing costs, easily make orders and money transfers, enhance your image through online community initiatives, disseminate information to targeted audiences, and so on.


At Venjix Ltd, we share a working partnership with most of the World’s leading manufacturers of hardware and software IT components and computers. And as such we always stock up large consignments of most of the Hardware and Software for the day to day business needs. From single home user to large companies and organisations, we offer sales and supplies in any amounts of the best quality and budget-line Hardware and software components, computers, laptops, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and any other related IT essential gadgets.


The company or organisation’s data is such a valuable asset for its success, and so it’s security must be taken seriously. A breach of such security will lead to virus attacks, corruption of valuable stored data, hacking of confidential information and emails including passwords and usernames to an external source. At Venjix, we offer proactive and round-the-clock security to all your data and IT essentials. We offer; Anti-virus services for both hardware and Software, Anti-spam involving installing an external spam filtering service, Spy ware detection and removal, server tracking and protection among others. In case you have lost data due to corruption by malware, virus attack, or mistakenly erased it; we offer a very efficient data recovery service. We can recover lost data from Hard disks, Flash memories, external devices, Windows system, Apple Mac, Linux, iphone and ipod touches. We can also recover lost digital photos, and data on the hard drives of CCTV and cameras. We offer a ‘bullet proof’ back-up regime for your data, remotely controlled off-site for maximum protection against any corruption and degradation, hacking any other data mismanagement.


In any business and organisational environments, computers provide a real lifeline for day to day tasks from storing crucial and confidential information to running production systems or lines. And as such they are prone to multiple faults, partial or complete breakdown, depending on a multitude of factors. There is hardly any logic to replace such computers with new ones every time they breakdown, yet the thought of running a business or an organisation in this era of computer revolution is a step backwards. DON’T lose heart; don’t panic in the event of any breakdown. At Global Pride Ltd, we bring back to life any computer system and any other IT equipment. We provide complete repair services for all manufacturer makes and models of computer hardware and software components including; system tune-up, troubleshooting, and new system setup. We also upgrade your computer or software or system, and any other IT equipment to meet the current trends of IT solutions. We support all PC operating systems including; windows 7, all editions of vista, Ms widows XP, all editions of Ms 2000, MS NT 4.0 including workstation and server editions, all editions of Windows 98, 95, MS Windows 3.1, 3.11 and all Linux systems among others.


At Venjix backed by our proven experience, unrivaled professionalism, constant staff development, and a massive support of our working partners, we are able to offer internationally recognized IT consultancy services for individuals, corporate or organizational settings.
We will effectively advise you and help you make important decisions in aspects of; IT assets management, IT business intelligence, IT project management, Enterprise resource planning, IT audits, IT funding and budgeting, IT recruitment, Customer service management strategies, Business finance control, IT legal services and any other related areas of interest.
Don’t make inferior and or regrettable decisions, yet we can definitely advise you on any IT related issues. Remember, get it right from first time and success for the future is almost guaranteed.


Are you just starting, Have you’ve outgrown your current IT support provider, are you unhappy with the service you receive, or are you looking to reduce IT costs, or are you improving your business; and you want to outsource your IT Support? Venjix Ltd is the only RELIABLE ANSWER. Venjix undoubtedly offers you the best Network Support services including Installations of any kind, so that you can concentrate on your other core business tasks. At Venjix, we listen and understand your net work support needs of any business; discuss all the best options and thereafter, advise you on the best quality oriented and cost-effective of We then progress to design the network, and any other business solutions including; Cabling, Dial-up, Fiber Optics, Network administration, monitoring, office networking, Satellite communication and Telecommunication solutions, ADSL, Broadband servicing, Business phone systems, Network optimization, Network hardware supplies, Wireless LAN, PC’s, Servers, firewalls, printers, routers, internet connectivity and any other software/hardware equipment that require networking and installation. We can become your contracted IT department especially by offering you all-encompassing network support services.


Your business or department can tremendously benefit from our exceptional Internet services and avoid any risks. We do; Internet trouble shooting, Internet installation, E-mail set-up and security, E-mail marketing, Internet spam filtering and anti-virus protection, customized intranet and extra-net management. We have recently agreed on a collaborative partnership with some prominent Broadband/Internet providers. And therefore, we are in a pole position to offer you Internet connection and related services.